mud picture on concrete
mud picture on concrete


Site inspection. It all begins with impressions.


Impression No. 1: I am an expedition member. We discover: Stones, ponds, grass, sheep, frogs, bugs, grasshoppers. The concrete, stone and wooden remains of a military exercise ground, a birch alley, bracket fungi and meadow mushrooms, colourful earth.


Impression No. 2: There is nothing I can do here. Nature is perfect and will take care of things. The sun warms the stones. Perhaps I can get a tan. But a result can not be a work piece.


Impression No. 3: Colourful earth! The colours come from nature. I start from there and use a concrete block in the meadow as a sound painting surface.


Activity No. 1: Mud picture

Collecting earth and water. Mixing. Applying, accumulating. At first, I am sceptical (what a pile!) but then I am convinced (nothing can go wrong here any more!). The earth and sand structures come together and mix, creating a landscape on the concrete (I hope it won´t rain now).


Activity No. 2: Masks

My skin has new colours. From the sun and the earth. This is my parcel of land on the concrete block. Like the concrete, I observe (and enjoy) from the outside. I camouflage, decorate and colour myself as I have camouflaged, decorated and coloured the concrete block.


Impression No. 4/ last day: The mud picture has dried and now it is raining. That´s perfectly alright. The rain puts dark spots on my parcel of land for a short moment. It will completely rinse and clean the concrete block at some point, as I have washed my face with water. But then I won´t be here any more.